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Initiating Services

Process summary – If you are interested in having your child evaluated by CAS, fill out a Request for Services Form and you will be added to our wait list.  Intake Process – When there is an available provider, our Administrative staff will contact you to verify insurance information and gather additional required information to  begin the intake process. 

Intake Process– *Please note, the intake process may take between 6-10 hours across a 4-week period to complete.  


  1. Administrative Office will confirm all information including insurance coverage. Families are encouraged to confirm all ABA benefits before the intake process begins. 

  2. Parent Interview/Review records 

  3. Assessments/Observations 

  4. Individualized Treatment Planning 

  5. Recommendations Meeting 

  6. The plan is submitted to insurance for approval.  Once the services are approved, the Administrative Staff will contact you to discuss starting services starting direct clinical services with your child.

  7. The Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) is created after the initial assessment as well as re-assessments every six months. The child's educational, medical and therapeutic histories will be evaluated.  The BCBA will assess the child's stressors, strengths, language and general compliance, motor and social skills as well as other behavioral functions.  Also considered are parent concerns, goals and objectives for therapy. The data collected is then used to create an ITP for your child.  The ITP will be reviewed with you and treatment will begin accordingly. The BCBA will work with the RBT(S) to continually re-assess and modify programs accordingly.