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Insurance Agent

Questions that may be helpful to ask your insurance company

You Ask — We will work with you

In-Network Insurance Plans

A Wide Range for Your Convenience

*If your insurance is not on our list, please answer our service request form honestly*

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BCBS NE, Network Blue
BCBS, other states


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United Health Care


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NE Total Care
Healthy Blue

UHC Community Health

Midlands Choice

Please understand, an authorization for services is not a guarantee of payment or in-network status.  We encourage you to have ongoing conversations with your insurance company. Refer to the back of your insurance card for more information. We have provided a list of helpful questions, to assist in navigating the insurance process.

Helpful Questions:

  1. Is CAS (Childhood Autism Services) in-network with our insurance plan? Our address is: 9412 Giles Rd, La Vista, NE 68128

  2. Is ABA a covered service, what are the benefits and limitations related to my plan?

  3. Do ABA services require an authorization?

  4. What is my annual deductible (Individual and family)?

  5. Does my plan have a co-insurance?

  6. Is there a maximum out of pocket?

  7. What else do I need to know before starting ABA services?

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