School Children

Based services

 Our child friendly spaces allow for intensive intervention each day.  Clinic based services are a great option for working families and provide ½ and full day treatment. Services at the clinic also provide opportunities to target peer interactions and learning in new environments.  Our clinics are located in Papillion and LaVista Nebraska.  (Click Here for Locations)  For more information please visit the Request for Services page!

Art Class

Family Guidance 

Best treatment outcomes are possible when parents are active in the treatment process. Parent training is a key component of our treatment at every stage of intervention.  Parents are supported to increase the success of the child outside of therapy and to work on skills that occur outside of the therapy environment.

Family Time

Family-focused Speaker Series 

Family-focused Speaker Series – Our Family Focused speaker series provides support directly to families on a range of topics.  Occurring 4 times per year, experts present to families about topics that are impacting their child and family.  Previous presentations have covered Navigating the IEP process,  Management of Sleep Concerns and managing escalating behavior.  Parents are asked for topics of interest each year to address the changing needs of our families.

Happy Kids Huddle

Social Skills Group

 Learning and practicing social skills is an important part of treatment as children get older.  We offer small groups that allow us to support the development of the skills needed to make friends and socially navigate their world.